Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cake soap

I really wanted to make a soap that looked like a cake. This was my first attempt at such and it turned out nice, but boy was it a pained to remove from my makeshift mold. I had finished up all of the coconut oil from a round bottom tube and decided that it would be great to use as a mold. Since it still had a layer of oil on it I thought would help with removal. Well I made this soap last Sunday and was not able to get it out of the mold until today! Dylan took at mallet and went to town on the mold. Luckily, the bashing didn't really damage the look of the soap. I really like how the soap turned out in the end, but I think I will try to find an actually circle mold. If anyone knows of a place to get one please leave me a comment. I think this type of soap would look really lovely if you did a cream base with a colored top layer and poured the top layer at a thick trace so you could make it look a bit more like frosting. Anyways, here are some pictures of my lavender soap.
This soap should have a very nice lather as it has castor oil in it. It will also be very moisturizing and soothing to your skin because of the shea butter and silk fibers. The lavender EO adds a soothing scent.


  1. That is nice looking soap! I'm you think a round silicone cake pan would work or would it be too flimsy?

  2. Thank you! I am really surprised on how nice they look after the adventure to get it out of the mold. I think it would work, but I believe you can buy silicone "pans" specifically made for soaping and they are much more durable. I remember reading that the cake ones wear out much quicker. But I have no clue how much use it requires to wear them out.