Friday, July 11, 2008

Salt Bar Tutorial

I was recently asked by Joanna at Product body and The Soap Bar to write up a salt bar tutorial. For the pictures I made a Frankincense and Myrrh scented soap with French green clay. I am really loving how it came out. If you want to check out the tutorial it is now on The Soap Bar blog.

I also came across a blog about my Jasmine salt bars on E-tailer's Mall...thanks for checking out my store! :)


  1. Hi Sarah, this is Sarah from Sarah's Surprises.

    Thanks for mentioning our blog post about your Jasmine Salt bar :-).

  2. Hi Sara
    Thanks it is great.
    May you explain to me the use of salt bar and clay soap?

  3. Yen,
    Salt bars are really wonderful. They are a type of soap that becomes very smooth and hard. They have a lotion-like lather. Many people like to use them for face soap or shampoo. Clay was used in this soap simply for color. However, clay can be used to help with acne prone skin. It helps to pull impurities from the skin.
    Hope that helps. :)