Sunday, April 5, 2009

Updated Garage Sale-Items still available 7/10/09

I am trying to purge a bunch of soaping supplies. If you see anything you would like please contact me — Every effort will be made to ship the package out within 24 hours after payment is received. All orders that come in during this time will be handled in the order they were received and product will be filled accordingly. All of the items are priced as listed or best offer.
Shipping is from 06451 and I require Paypal.

Fragrance/Essential Oils
Simple Soothings: Youth Dew Amber Nude Type 8oz glass $10
Tennesse Candle Supplies: Cinnamon Cider ~16oz plastic $10 Candle Safe ONLY

Lemon Peel powder 8oz $0.70/oz
Mint Leaf cut 6oz $0.70/oz
Raspberry Leaf 8oz $0.30/oz
Yellow Sandalwood Powder 5oz $0.70/oz
Spirulina Powder 0.8oz $3.00
Turmeric Powder 8oz $0.30/oz

Carrier Oils
Wheatgerm oil 32oz $25
Flax Seed Oil 29oz $13
Hazelnut Oil 24oz $10

Smelly Jelly Crystals 1.3lb $4.50
11” unscented incense sticks 6 bundles of 100 sticks $1.50/bundle
DryFlo (2) 1lb bags available $6.50/lb

Thanks for looking!
Sarah Auclair


  1. Ohh...I'll be back to buy when I check my current stock... Lol!

  2. Macadamia nut oil 16oz $7 for sure...

    and how did you like the silk? I've been thinking about giving it a try

  3. Hi Elizabeth,
    I had a person ask for the Macadamia nut oil, but she has not responded to me for 2 days so I am thinking she probably changed her mind. So if you want it, it is yours. The silk may also be sold, but I will let you know tomorrow about that. I did like the silk in my soaps. The only reason I have decided not to continue using it is because it is not vegan. It does make the soap silky though. I added it to the hot lye solution and let it dissolve.

  4. Hey Sarah!
    Sorry, I forgot to check back on the comments! If you still have the oil, I would love to buy it :D

  5. It was claimed a while ago, but I still have not received payment. I am going to give the person another day or so since we have been in communication, but i will let you know if that deal falls through.

  6. Okay so the buyer for the macadamia nut oil decided she did not want it. So if you are still interested send me an email at

  7. Hi I have awarded you The Honest Scrap Award because I like your blog. Please go along to my blog to pick it up.Keep up the good work....x

  8. I love your blog!
    Thank you.

  9. I look forward to more supplies listed!!