Friday, November 26, 2010

Cosmetic Supplies "Garage" Sale

I am trying to reduce my stock of supplies that I have decided not to use.  You can get some great discounts this way.  Please check out what I have for sale and send me an email at if you would like to purchase anything.  I will only take paypal, but feel free to make me an offer if you want multiple items.

Melt & Pour Bases
Melt & Pour Vegan Lip Balm 14.5 fl oz Essential Wholesale $20
Melt & Pour Deodorant  14.5 fl oz Essential Wholesale $20

Fragrance oils
Caramel Apple 14 oz From Nature with Love  $20
Succulent Pear ~6 oz The Soap Goat Soap Shop $6.00
Cinnamon Cider (candle only) ~15 oz Tennessee Candle Supplies $10.00
China Rain 0.5 oz Bramble berry $1
Sakura Blossom  1oz Southern Soapers  $2
Fresh Watermelon  4 oz  Wholesale Supplies Plus $7.00
Cantaloupe Lily 1 oz Southern Soapers $2
Cucumber melon 16 oz coop $16
Pumpkin Souffle (Candle Only) ~12 oz Candlescience  $10
Christmas Memories  ~6 oz Simple Soothings  $5
Pink Lemonade ~3 oz The Soap Goat Soap Shop $3.00

Fixed Oils
Rose Hip Oil 16 oz Majestic Mountain Sage $14
Borage Oil 16 oz Majestic Mountain Sage $24
Red Raspberry Seed Oil 16 oz Majestic Mountain Sage $45

LiquiPar Optima 1 oz Southern Soapers
Germall Plus Liquid 1 oz Southern Soapers
Sepigel 305 1 oz Southern Soapers
White Aluminum Oxide crystals 1 oz Southern Soapers
Pre Neutralized Carbomer 1 oz Southern Soapers
Whit Synscrub Spheres 1 oz Southern Soapers

Herbs prices $1 per oz
Lemon Peel powder 8oz
Mint Leaf cut 6oz
Raspberry Leaf 8oz


  1. oh oh, I want the Caramel Apple from FNWL! Let me keep looking...

  2. Hello I want to know where I can find
    the fixed oils Majestic Mountains please? Thank you