Saturday, April 26, 2008

Orange Sherbert Whipped Shea Butter

This was my first attempt at a whipped shea butter and I am really wishing that I had something to compare it to. It melts really nicely on my skin, but feels a bit stiff in the container. I had expected it to feel much lighter and fluffy like. I also added some apricot colored mica, but it does not show up in the final product. The smell is amazing though. Any tips on what the consistency should be like?


  1. Hi Sara
    It's the first time that I leave a comment but I've followed your blog for some weeks and I like a lot your blog and it's design. Of course the photos are very nice.
    I wonder if whipped shea butter is to have the shea butter whipped or do you add other ingredients? I use shea butter in some of my cream recipe and it is stiff without any other products in room temperature.

  2. I make whipped shea butter, and it is light and fluffy before it "sets" and then it hardens up. If you want it softened you have to add oil to it, but that changes the feel of it on the skin....creates more of an oily feel. Hope that helped...

  3. I actually made it with some other oils in it besides shea. The recipe was as follows:
    5oz Shea butter
    1.5oz evening primrose oil
    1.5oz hemp seed oil
    1tsp cornstarch

    So I would have expected it to be fluffier...but maybe that is how it is supposed to be then.

    Yen: Welcome to my blog. Thanks for the nice comments. I always love feedback. :)

  4. Perhaps you need to whip it longer and make sure you scrape the sides and incorporate the side shea. Whip it twice as long as you have and see how that goes.

  5. It looks nice, but that doesn't help you much = ) Shea butter is one of my favorites...Joanna's whipped shea is awesome!! I'd love to try making it sometime but haven't gotten the nerve to try yet.