Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lots of new soap...

I have been super busy lately, so I have not had a chance to upload photos of my new soap. All these lovely pictures were take my my partner, Dylan Maxwell Reilly. I will be posting a bunch more over the next few days. This first soap is a shampoo bar that is loaded with luxurious ingredients. It was made partially from olive oil that was infused with a bunch of Indian Ayurvedic herbs that have been touted to prevent and stop balding, gray hair, and it is supposed make your hair thick and very healthy. I am not sure if it really can stop balding or gray hair since neither of them are a problem for me, but it certainly makes my hair thick and shiney. I have some guy friends that are testing it out for the gray/balding issue. These herbs have been used for over a thousand years, so I would not be surprised if they do work. Too bad I can't actually market the product as a gray/balding prevention without breaking the law.

This is the same shampoo as above, but in a more manly shape for my friend, Will, that will not rub a ladybug in his hair. haha
This is part of a Bayrum shaving soap that I had to rebatch because only some of it poured nicely into my pvc pipe mild. You can see the soap that poured nicely and did not have to be rebatched here.
This soap is scented with black raspberry vanilla, which is now my favorite scent! The purple swirl was made with alkanet root powder.


  1. I'm with your friend, Will...much as those ladybug soaps are way adorable, I cringe at the thought of ladybugs in my hair. That's because they tend to swarm our house in the fall (crawling out of the woodworks) and biting us when they land on us. ICK! ;) These are the Asiatic ladybugs, BTW, not the nice native ones.

    Mm, raspberry vanilla - I had never thought to pair the two together. Makes me want to bake something that tastes that that!

  2. Pretty new soaps. Love the raspberry vanilla!