Saturday, January 31, 2009


How many of you have checked out Artfire? I have created a LadybugSoapworks shop there. I have not uploaded any items yet, but it looks like it may be a better place to list than Etsy. I am going to be working on my shop this weekend. Click here to sign up. Right now they have about 2500 stores left that can be opened at a rate of $7 per month. No listing fees or commision fees. Pretty good deal for those who have lots of sales. After the remaining 2500 or so people sign up, the price goes to $20/month. They also have free accounts. Go check it out and if you decide to sign up, click here to give me credit for recommending you or type in LadybugSoapworks when you sign up.


  1. I have an Art Fire shop and I absolutely love it there! It's still new and there are a few kinks, but it has so much promise and more cooler features than Etsy.

  2. I have listed a bunch of soap and so far really like the site too. It is really easy to list, I like how everything is on one page unlike Etsy. Of course I wish more people would shop from my "main" website but I guess I will just have to take what I can get. haha I keep trying to promote my main site, but so far have only gotten friends to purchase there.

  3. Don't know how to describe your nice soaps except to say they look so bright and fresh.