Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nemo Attacks! Snow Overload!

Well, the Blizzard Nemo has come and gone and left about 3 ft of snow behind. We have drifts over 6 ft tall and no place to put the snow from our drive way. We spend hours shoveling the sidewalks (note to self never buy a corner lot house again as you have twice as much sidewalk to shovel!) and still need to figure out how to do the driveway. Our road still is not plowed and may not be plowed until tomorrow.  Pretty crazy! Here are some pictures for you all! Enjoy!

Snow Angel!

We have walls leading up to the house.

Dylan action shot.

The only reason you can tell there is a road here is cause the stop sign!

Maybe I should make some soap with the snow! Like a wintery peppermint....

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  1. Hi Sarah,I've been following your blog for a while,glad to have discovered it.
    I lived in Serbia all my life,now living in Macedonia,which both are in the Southern Europe and we occasionally have snow here during winter,but this much I have never seen! Hope you're enjoying it,there's no much other things you could do,lol!
    Best regards,Maja