Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sweet berries...surprisingly good.

Lately, I have been browsing lots of soap blogs and Pinterest and all the creativity has inspired me to play more with colors. So I decided to make a Sweet Berries scented soap and color portions of it pink, blue, and black and leave some uncolored to be a cream color. The pink and blue/green are oxides and the black is from activated charcoal powder. My intent was to swirl the colors together, but in my excitement I forgot that I normal work with a 30% water discount so that I get to trace really quickly. Well when one swirls soap you do not want to trace quickly. So my soap got too thick too fast and in the end I just decided to plop the soap in the mold in a random fashion and hope for the best. I have to say that I was not too hopeful since the top look muted and just plain blah.

Before the cutting...seemed like a muted blah...

So when I finally cut the soap I was really surprised that I liked the final product. It almost looks like the Leopard soap that Cee Gee made over on Oil & Butter.

Nice color variations in every slice!

The silcone soap mold shown above is really a great tool for soapmaking and it is really reasonably priced. You can pick the mold up at Amazon. *Please note that this is an affiliate link and I get paid a small amount from Amazon if you purchase through the link. No worries though, it costs you nothing extra!