Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kitchen Coffee Scrub Soap

Hi everyone! I have been taking a mini break from my blog since I have been overwhelmed with work and trying to get my garden/yard ready for the warmer weather. I finally had time this weekend to make some soap! I just ran out of my kitchen coffee scrub soap and decided to make a new batch. This soap is so great for when you are chopping onions and garlic and want to get their lingering scent off your hands. It is also useful for cleaning your hands after working outside or on your cars. One of my uncles keeps a bar to use to get all that car grease off his hands after a day of tinkering with his toys. This soap not only provides a scrub, it is also very moisturizing and has been made with some luxurious coffee butter.

Here is some eye candy for you! This first one is of me mixing the soap. It is at a nice thick trace and was poured into the mold just moments after this picture was taken.

Look at that nice thick trace!
 Here I am putting some texture onto the tops of the soap. I just love the ripples you get with a whisk.

Adding the finishing touches to the soap. Who doesn't love a textured top!
You can pick up a bar of this soap here.