Sunday, October 26, 2008

New soap pictures!

This first soap is scented with coconut lime verbena. It smells amazing, this is probably my new favorite scent. The green swirl was made with a green oxide.

This next soap is scented mulberry. This is part of my winter seasonal soap selection. Again this one smells really great as well, I have always had a thing for mulberry. The color is from a mix of oxide, ultramarine, and clay.I re-designed my succulent pear soap from the half-circle shape to the regular bar shape.
The long awated pumpkin soap. I mixed in 3 oz of pumpkin. I love the color this turned out and the fragrance oil is to die for!
This last soap is my apple pie soap. I colored it with a mix of red and pink clay and sprinkled a little cinnamon and glitter on top of the soap.


  1. You have stunning photography! Your soaps look absolutely wonderful; I wish I could smell them on the screen.

  2. So beautiful, dearie!! Keeping busy.