Sunday, January 17, 2010

Monoi de Tahiti Oil (Monoi Tiare oil)

I just ordered some Scented Monoi de Tahiti oil from Denise at Full Moon Herbs. This seems like a good deal. The best price I could find online was $27/lb and she is offering it for $19 or $21/lb depending on whether you want it scented or not. I thought some of you might like the info on this buy so here is the email I received from Denise:

I have pre-ordered 50# each of Monoi Tiare Oil. They will arrive the week of
January 25th. This an opportunity to place your order to receive the Monoi
first. I am stocking both the scented and unscented.
Monoi Oil is coconut oil infused w/ Tiare (Gardenia) flower petals. Both
types are Gardenia scented. The "scented" type, is a stonger infusion,
resulting in a stronger scent. Please e-mail w/ any orders you may have to Pricing is as follows:

Unscented Monoi: 1#/ $19.00 or 2#/ $37.00
Scented Monoi: 1#/$21.00 2#/ $41.00


  1. I had to go look up what this was...thanks for spurring me to learn something new!

  2. Be sure of the difference between a "Monoi de Tahiti" and a simple oil with Monoi de Tahiti which contains less"Monoi"and is mixed with other ingredients.Read your labels carefully,the word"Monoi"without the word"Monoi de Tahiti",is likely not to be produced in Tahiti and is probably NOT a"Monoi de Tahiti".To be a"Monoi de Tahiti",the oil must contain the following ingredients:Cocos nucifera-gardenia tahitensis(the famous Tiare flower which is unique to Tahiti French Polynesia),otherwise it's a fake!

    please read all you need to know about Genuine Certified Monoi de Tahiti
    100% natural organic monoi de Tahiti