Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My book list from 2009

So here is my take off of Anne-Marie's recent blog post about her favorite books she read during 2009.

Running the Amazon This is a non-fiction book about the first kayaking trip to navigate the entire length of the amazon river. I am pretty much obsessed with anything Amazon, so this was a great book for me.

The Lost Symbol The new Dan Brown book. I admit it, I love his books. I get so captivated that I read this one in about 2.5 consecutive days. I really like that I can sit near my laptop while reading his books and search the places and objects he talks about to learn more.

The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon
Another Amazon book. This is the adventure of an early 20th century explorer who search the Amazon for a lost advanced civilization. He never returned. In this book, the author retraces Percy Fawcett's path through the Amazon to either find out where Fawcett died or if there really is a lost city. This was a large book, but again very captivating so I read it quite fast.

One River Most people probably will not find this book that enjoyable. I, however, really enjoyed it. This book is almost a biography of Richard Evans Shultes and two of his students Wade Davis and Tim Plowman. If you are at all interested in ethnobotany you will like this book. It covers all the rainforest explorations of the three men and their discoveries of unknown plants (their specialty is hallucinogenic plants and the study of how the indigenous people use them in their religions).

Ecotopia This book made me dream of living in the fictional country of Ecotopia. This book details a world where California, Oregon, and Washington secede from the United States and form a country called Ecotopia. This is a good quick read for anyone interested in creating an environmentally responsible society.

Eat, Pray, and Love I am currently reading this book and I really love it. It is such a good story of growth and finding oneself. I highly recommend this book.

Dreams from My Father This is one of President Obama's books. It is really well written and I am enjoying it, though I keep finding myself picking up other books to read. Thus, I have not finished this book even though I started reading it in 2008! Still for those who have not read this book, it is a great way to learn about the life of the President of the USA.

I also regularly read National Geographic Magazine and Martha Stewart's Living Magazine.

I hope some of you will also enjoy these books!

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