Friday, March 1, 2013

Making super creamy soap using yogurt

I recently blogged about making Greek yogurt in a crock pot (see it here) and decided to use some of the yogurt I made in a batch of soap. I still had a ton of yogurt left over and knew there was no way Dylan and I could eat it quick enough (note to self--1 gallon of milk is WAY too much!). So into the soap it went.

I prepare my lye in batch form and keep a stock of it prepared at a ratio of 1 part lye to 1.5 parts water. When I go to make soap I always have to add a bit of water to get to the correct percentage of lye. For this soap, instead of adding the extra water, I replaced it with the yogurt and mixed it directly into the warm oils instead of into the lye. When you do this, make sure to whisk the yogurt into the oils well. Next, I added the lye solution to the oils and yogurt and mixed with a stick blender until a light trace was reached. I then split the soap into two containers and colored one container of soap gold (see picture below).

Uncolored soap on left and gold mica colored soap on right.

I poured the gold soap back into the container with the cream colored soap and did a slight in the pot swirl. The soap was then poured into the mold and the top was sprinkled with gold glitter.

Setting up an in the pot swirl

The gold did not end up being very obvious and it would be better in the future to use a more contrasting color so that it stands out more from the cream colored soap. Since this soap is made with yogurt, I did not place it in the oven overnight to do CPOP, instead after I poured it into the mold I covered it with a silicone sheet and placed a towel on top. This was allowed to sit at room temperature overnight. I am still waiting for the soap to harden up a bit more so that I can get it out of the mold. I normally do a heavy water discount when making soap, but this time I used the full amount of water. So now I must wait for some of that to evaporate before I can slice the soap and see if any of my swirls are noticeable.

If you are interested in the silicone loaf soap mold, you can pick one up on Amazon. *Please note that this is an affiliate link. That means that I get a small payment from Amazon if you buy from this link at no additional cost to you.
Soap poured and setting up.