Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Goat's milk soap

This was my first attempt at replacing some of my olive oil with soybean oil. I did not plan to do this but once I started weighing out my oils I saw that I only had about half the amount of olive oil I needed. So I went back to my soapmaker program and reformulated to add soybean oil. This was also a larger batch practice...instead of my normal 4lb batch I did 8lb. I may be getting a wholesale customer that will require me to work more efficiently if I am to keep up with her demands. This soap looks nice, but I did not incorporate the GM powder as well as I should have and now I have little chunks of GM powder in the soap. I think it actually looks cool, but I am not sure if I should sell this batch. I will have to try it out and see if the powder feels gross or nice or scrubby. I finally made a fairly nice top though...I used my whisk to create the little peaks. I guess if I don't like the specs of goat's milk powder that i could try to rebatch it.


  1. Looks great Sarah...
    You would definitely know if the powder didn't incorporate fully.

    Goatsmilk adds such wonderful creaminess to the lather!
    Enjoy your wonderful soap!

  2. The whisk is the greatest secret weapon for those awesome peaks! Yours look great! It just adds that extra special touch!

    I love that you added goatsmilk to your soap too. It's definitely more work...but worth it!