Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sandalwood Incense

I dipped these incense in sandalwood FO. They smell really nice right now, but they are still slightly damp so I am waiting to burn one. I burned an unscented stick and they seem to last about 40-45 minutes. I am really excited to make more scents and add them to my Etsy store at some point. I haven't quite figured out how these would be best packaged. I bought the appropriate sized zip lock type bags for them, but I do like how they are wrapped in the photo with just raffia. I was originally thinking the zip baggies with a paper fold over label on top.


  1. You have such a touch. Every small detail like wrapping the sticks. Very niiiiice

  2. I've been thinking about making these for my Mom...she burns incense ALLL the time! lol. As for packaging, I saw some cello bags at JoAnns designed for dipped pretzels. They were nice and long and I bet they would be perfect for incense