Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day 2 Guayaquil

This morning Dylan and I had breakfast at our hotel. It was a mix of yogurt, baked goods, cheese, and eggs. It was a bit uninspiring, but I noticed after I ate that I could have requested different types of eggs and pancakes. So, tomorrow that is the plan! 

After breakfast we began our adventure for the day. Our first stop was Parque Boliviar, which is a wonderful park filled with large iguanas, birds, fish, and turtles. We were there during the iguana feeding time and got to see them munching away on lettuce. 

Across the street from the iguana park was the Guayaquil cathedral, so we popes in there for a bit to check out the architecture. The outside was quite elaborate with a gothic flare, while the inside seem modest, but still quite beautiful, in comparison. 

The next stop was the Museo Municipal (free-yay). Everything was in Spanish, which helped me get through the museum pretty fast--normal I MUST read everything! The museum was filled with Inca and pre-Inca ceramics and lots of paintings of important people in the history of Ecuador. 

We then went to the city market, were there was piles of fresh fruits and veggies, bunnies and pigeons in cages for sale--most likely to eat--, and many stalls filled with all types of cheap china made goods. This was not a tourist catering market, but one for the people who live in the area.

Lunch time came and so we found a small shop selling fried cheese empanadas and grabbed some. Then went back to the hotel for a quick rest. 

In the afternoon, we walked north up the Malecon past a tropical garden, the IMAX theater, and the Museo Antropologico y de Arte Contemporaneo which was unfortunately closed for renovation. From there we walked to the artisanal market, which was filled with handmade Panama hats (really called Montecristo hats which originate in Ecuador and not Panama), sweaters, leather bags, and many other goods.

For a quick snack and coffee we stopped at cafe California. Dylan had a flan and I a coconut pastry. Yum! 

For dinner we went to La Canoa at the Hotel Continental. Seating was outside, which is nice since it gets a bit windy in the evenings here and the cool air feels nice after the hot humid day. I had a delicious soup made with shrimp, albacore tuna, yuca, tomatoes, and onions. Dylan's meal was a seafood rice dish that was also quite tasty.

After dinner, we returned to our room to prepare for our trip tomorrow to the Galapagos!