Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 7 Los Tuneles

We took a tour today to Los Tuneles which started at 8:30am. We paid $70/pp which was a discounted price since we have our own wetsuits and snorkel gear.

After a 20 min boat ride we stopped at a large rock that jutted out of the water, it used to be a volcano, and has just crumbled into the ocean over the years. This rock is a favorite of Black-footed (masked) Boobies. I might have some photos on my other camera, but for now I have no photos to show.

After another 20 mins of boat ride we reached the Tuneles which are old lava tunnels in the ocean. We arrived during high tide so we could mostly see only the tops of the tunnels, but during low tide the view is spectacular. Because of the reef and volcanic tuneles the boat has to surf the waves going into the area. 

We got off the boat and explored some of the lava tunnels on foot. There we found tons of blue footed boobies, including some fuzzy white babies. I promise, when I get home I will update this post with some cute pics. We then went snorkeling outside of the tunnels area where we saw turtles, lots of sharks, puffer fish, and tons of rainbow fish. I took an underwater camera and am hoping to have some decent photos when I get home.

Lunch on the boat was a meager roll with butter and queso on it. However, as we don't eat meat, we pretty much expected to get something like that. 

We arrived back on Isabela around 2pm and had the guide leave us at the docks so that we could walk back to town and check out some sites on the way.

Right next to the docks is a boardwalk leading to Concha de Perla. The boardwalk runs through the mangroves to a small bay with calm waters. What is so interesting about this place is that the boardwalk is littered with lounging sea lions. When we got to the end there seemed to be two friendly sea lions playing and posing with a Japanese family. One of the sea lions then dived into the water and came back with a changed attitude. Perhaps it was a bull (male) as he kept charging us and blocked the path on the boardwalk so that we couldn't get by. Luckily, the Japanese couple decided they were leaving soon after we tried and failed and they had learned how to move the aggressive sea lion. Apparently, if you clap you hands while moving away from the sea lion, it will follow you. So that was our chance and we snuck out with the family. This was good timing for Dylan as it allowed him to practice Japanese.

For dinner we went to Isabela Grill which had a modern exterior and tables and chairs, but the walls and ceiling, and etc showed the age of the building. In any case, the food was good. Dylan had a stuffed Lobster, which is different from our Maine lobsters as they have no claws. I had another fish dish, which was pretty good.

The most interesting thing by far at this restaurant was the dessert. I got a grilled peach with ice cream dessert that came with strawberry whipped cream and chocolate sauce. It was such a crazy mix of flavors that it reminded me of something a little kid would make for their first try at making a desert. Of course it was still good and I promptly devoured it all!