Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 5 Los greitas and the horrible horrible boat ride

We started today with our last breakfast at Angermeyer hotel, which was again shared with the birdies. We then packed up our bags and got into our swim suits. We left our bags at the hotel and then went for a walk to Los Greitas, a wonderful crevasse filled with clear blue water. There are some large fish that got into the crevasse as babies and then could not get out, so snorkeling is pretty good here. There was a group of local young girls who need to ask an English speaking person some questions for school, so of course they came to me. They video recorded the conversation too. This is becoming a common occurrence for me when I visit other countries! 

We made our way back to the hotel to grab our bags and brought them to the company running our next ferry to Isla Isabela. We grabbed a quick bite at a restaurant on the same road as we had dinner a 2 nights ago with John. After some confusion I ended up with a dish of grilled pork and rice and beans, while Dylan got a salad with rice and grilled fish. If you don't know, Dylan and I do not eat any meat other than fish. However, given our rush to get back to the ferry and lack off ability to communicate, I just ate the pork. It was very good as was the fish. And low and behold neither the pork nor the horrible bumpy boat ride made me sick! I think the secret is 2 Dramamine pills and sea band.

Our boat to Isla Isabela was even worse than the one to San Cristobal. Everyone was packed so tightly into the boat that we were squished, probably 4 more people in the boat that there should have been. Everyone kept sliding to the back of the boat with each successive bump on the water and us at the back of the boat kept getting squished even more than I thought was possible! One people got sick and there was no room for her to throw up off the boat, so she just went on the floor. I'm so glad that wasn't me, but boy did I feel bad for her.

On a good note, our hotel on Isabela is beautiful. The Iguana Crossing hotel is located on the western side of town and is quite the luxurious eco-hotel. It has a salt water pool and hot tub, though you have to give 2 hours advance to use the hot tub so they can warm it up. There is also a nice restaurant and bar. The hotel takes Eco to the extreme. When you use the shower or water from the facet it only turns on for 8 seconds and then you have to press it on again. 

We just wandered around town and then had a nice dinner at our hotel.