Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 4 Kicker Rock and Los Loberas beach

Last night we requested an early breakfast so that we could still eat before our snorkeling tour. When we sat down at a table, directly facing the water and nearly over the water, we were brought plate after plate of food. They served us plates of fruit, bread, eggs, and yogurt. It was too much food, but oh so good. We had lots of Darwin's finches trying to share our food.

We then set off for San Cristobal in a small boat for a very LONG and bumpy ride. Even with me using Dramamine and sea bands, I was still horribly sick the entire ride. To make it worse, I was sitting  in the back of the boat and had a stream of water poring on me the entire ride, so  I was soaked and sick. However, I was quite impressed that I made it about 2 hrs before I finally let go of my breakfast into the ocean! 

I was so sick the entire day, so I didn't take any photos except for a few under the water. So I don't have anything cool to show for today. 

Once we arrived at San Cristobal port, we were quickly sent back to another boat. Luckily, it was a catamaran an was a pretty smooth ride. We had three chances to go snorkeling and a bit of time to spend on a beautiful white sand beach. The first snorkeling site had almost no animals, I don't know that we even saw any fish. However, the second site at Kicker rock was teaming with animals. We got to see some sea turtles, hammerhead sharks and another type of shark, a sea lion, and lots of fish (though the fish lacked the brilliant colors we have seen elsewhere). I passed on the last snorkeling opportunity which was back at kicker rock as I was not feeling well. To tell you the truth, the water was very rough near kicker rock and the first time I was about to go in and threw up right into the water where I had to jump in. I jumped right into in! Ick right? Well there were about 5 people behind me that still had to jump in and they all had just seen me throw up where they had to jump in. Sorry!!

The lunch on the boat was surprisingly good, but I really could eat too much for fear that I would get sick once again on the boat back to Santa Cruz. 

Somehow, with a bit more Dramamine and a better seat where I could try to sleep, I didn't get sick. We ended up eating dinner at our hotel where we shared a salad and Dylan had a plate of quinoa tortillas and plantain tortillas and I had a fish dish with rice and a creamy white sauce made with wine. The meals were small and good, but certainly not the best of the food we have had so far.