Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cucumber melon soap

Last weekend I made a batch of cucumber melon soap. I made the green swirls by mixing a portion of the soap with spirulina powder. Spirulina is algae that is "farmed" across the world and eaten. It is 60% all-vegetable protein, rich in beta carotene, iron, vitamin B-12 and the rare essential fatty acid, GLA. It offers a striking profile of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrents. It has been shown in numerous scientific studies to have remarkable health benefits.


  1. I really like that soap...I have spirulina powder but haven't used it yet. Now I have an idea of what to expect, and what to tell people who are curious about it = )

  2. Yeah, it came out pretty nice. I am still working on better swirls. I think I just need to pour at a thinner trace. I really like spirulina as an additive/colorant. My partner, Dylan, actually just bought one of those super thick health drinks and it had spirulina in it. Taste = surprisingly good. :)