Monday, May 12, 2008

Liquid Soap

Well I attempted to finish making my liquid soap. When you make liquid soap you first have to make a gel-like soap from oils and potassium hydroxide. Then you have to take some of the gel and dilute it to your desired consistency. Well, I tried to dilute the soap by placing first an equal amount of water and soap in a sauce pan and boiling it on the stove. This did not dissolve all the soap and the water evaporated away so I added another part of water. Still did not entirely dissolve the soap...finally I added another part of water but still no luck. The picture below shows what I ended up with once the soap cooled. I think the chunks are from boiling the soap. I will probably try to make it in my Crockpot next time over low heat until the soap dissolves and I will likely start with at least 1 part soap to 2 parts water. Lets see if I can get this soap dissolved tomorrow. I give up for now.

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