Saturday, May 31, 2008


For those interested in using spirulina in cold process soap for color...I would suggest that you do not bother. The soap below was made March 15 and you can see the picture on the bottom how bright the green swirls were. The photo on the top was taken to show you all that after a little more than 2 months the green has faded to a pale green/tan color. Very disappointing...though I have found that stinging nettles makes a really great natural green color that lasts. Now I need to find something else to do with all my spirulina powder. Maybe it would work as a colorant in lotion...but would people want to rub a green lotion all over their body? Maybe it could be marketed for children.


  1. Thanks for sharing about the spirulina powder, I had hoped to try it but won't because of the fading.
    Have you tried liquid chlorophyll?
    It gives a nice green color...
    It has been awhile since I used it so I may try a small test batch and I will let you know!

  2. Thank you for listing my blog Homemade Bath Products ( as one of your favorites to read.

    I like your blog. And I am impressed with your college curriculm. I bet your are looking forward to graduation!

    Good luck to you and keep on making soap!

  3. I completely agree. Not only does the color fade, but the stuff stinks!!

  4. Kelley: I have not tried chlorophyll...though it is now on my "to do" list ;)

    Lori: Thanks Lori, I love all recipes that you post they help inspire new ideas!

    Oh yes I am sooo ready to graduate. Though I am not quite sure what I want to do after I graduate...I have gotten very sick of all the back-stabbing/BS that goes on in academia and science in general. I will likely do a post-doc at another university, but I am really hopping to get into the evil corporate world so that I can finally make a little money.