Friday, May 23, 2008


Well...I guess I have lagged. It has been too long since my last post. I have been working on some new items though. I have made a chocolate covered nut scented salt bar that I swirled (more like marbled) in cocoa powder. They smell delicious and have a great lather. I also made an ocean rain scented soap that I swirled in what was supposed to be blue but it turned a lovely shade of purple. Anyone else every have trouble with this? It was an FD&C colorant. I also just received my package of incense so that I can dip my own. I am pretty excited about making them.

On another note, I am really excited for Sunday. This weekend is graduation at Wesleyan and Ted Kennedy was supposed to speak, but now Barack Obama will be taking his place! So, I am really excited to hear him speak. I will try to take pictures to post.


  1. ooooooooooooooo - awaiting the Etsy salt bar to buy..... yummo!

  2. Sarah - you have some beautiful soaps! I use ultramarine blue to get a true blue color in my CP soaps. I'm going to attempt a salt bar this week - wish me luck!

  3. What FD & C color was it? One of the blue FD & Cs goes a lovely purple in CP soap (blue number 1) so that could be why it went a lovely purple?

  4. Joanna: The salt bars will be listed in my etsy shop in about 2 weeks.

    Amy: Do you have trouble dispersing the ultramarine? Do you add it at the start or once the soap traces?

    Anne-Marie: Yup it was FD&C #1. This is interesting since the place I bought it from does not mention any discoloration. Ah well...maybe I can call the soap purple rain.

  5. Amy- Best of luck with the salt bars...They are really a nice treat!

  6. I mix the ultramarines with a little bit of glycerin and add them after trace. They will bead up, but once the stick blender hits them, they disperse beautifully! You can also use a little bit of oil, but I've had better luck with the glycerin.

    My first salt bar experiment didn't work so great (you can read about it on my blog, but the second looks much better. I'll probably post about it tomorrow. Thanks!