Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I have been really busy preparing a display for a local pizza place. They approached me about a month ago to put up a display with my soaps. I am really excited...but man it has turned out to be a lot of work. I am really hoping to get everything ready to put up tomorrow after work. Once I finish all of that I will have some time to update you on my latest experiments. I have made a batch of cream soap, liquid soap, laundry soap gel, and breast milk soap. I actually have a friend who will be having her second baby in October and she just mentioned wanting me to make her some breast milk soap, too. Their first baby had really dry skin and she is interested in trying breast milk soap to see if it will help with the babies skin. So, maybe i can make a business of custom breast milk soap! I know many people think it is gross, but I love the idea. I mean I would not want to use soap made from another women's milk, but if I had a baby I would certainly make some from mine. I think it is so cool that our bodies can produce such things so why not take advantage of it. Anyways, enough ramblings I need sleep! :)


  1. Well, still waiting to hear back from the store owners. I think they do not check email every 5 minutes like me. ;)

    I want to make sure that they will be there when I set up the display so I can get them to sign my contract and personally give them the inventory list. I am hoping they will let me know a time this weekend...though I may just call the cafe to see if they are there.