Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chocolate Coconut Sugar Scrub

I have been working on some sugar scrubs this week and I have made some that I think are unique. One of my favorites is the chocolate coconut sugar scrub. It is made from unrefined coconut oil (retains the lovely coconut scent), sweet almond oil, demerara sugar, and a bit of chocolate fragrance oil. This is such a yummy scent, it reminds me of a candy bar! I love that I was able to get half of the scent from the coconut oil. This helps to keep the product even more natural by eliminating some of the fragrance oil.

Getting the ingredients out.
 I first measured out the oil and sugar. The coconut oil was then gently melted in the microwave.
Mixing the scrub
 The sugar was added to the oils and mixed. Then the fragrance was added and mixed into the scrub.
In it's pretty little container
I packaged the scrub into cute 8 oz containers. No preservative is needed in this scrub as it does not have any water in it. Since the scrub will be used in the shower, you may want to scoop a bit out with a clean spoon instead of your fingers to keep out the water and any germs on your hands.
It looks delicious!
Since this is not an emulsified scrub, it will leave your skin smooth and moisturized. Scrub made from oil may leave your tub a little slippery, so you need to be cautious when getting out of the tub.