Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Curing Rack...Yippie!

I have been dreaming of getting a bakers rack for a long time to use as a curing rack for my soap.  I was finally able to get one and it just works perfectly! I love how it has wheels and I can roll around the room if I need. It also has plenty of shelves, so I can fit a lot of soap in the rack.

I found this rack at you can find the rack I got here. I would highly recommend that store as they have very good prices and quick shipping. I also bought a stainless steel cart with 2 shelve and they have stainless steel work benches for a very good price as well.  Those are the next items on my wish list!


  1. Ohhh, I'm positively green with envy...I love baker's racks, congrats on your new purchase! Thanks so much for sharing your source too...that seems like a very reasonable price. Does it come with pans or did you have to buy those separately?

  2. Hi Cee Gee, The rack is great and I LOVE that website everything sells for the cheapest prices I have found. The rack does not come with the trays, you have to get them separately. They are also sold on that site also and they are huge. You could really fit a lot of soap on each tray.