Sunday, January 13, 2013

Newly improved website.

I have been working on my website trying to make it look more professional. My other site came out quite nice when I made it recently (I am just not ready to switch over my brand, yet) and so I want to get to look just as nice. Ladybug Soapworks was made a few years ago, before I knew anything about making webpages. So to modernize the website, I recently added a picture slider to my home page and Facebook like buttons to all my product pages. Links to my blog are still kind of hidden in the link button on the side bar. I will soon be adding links directly on the home page for my blog, Twitter, and Facebook pages. Go check out the newly improved site!


  1. Hi Sarah, I got those square molds from artdeco123 on etsy:

  2. I just checked out their store. They look nice and are quite reasonably priced. Might have to pick some up. Thanks!