Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Coloring bath salts

Bath salts can be colored quite easily with a liquid dye or clays. In this experiment, I tried both methods to see what I liked best. I used FD&C dye for the purple, blue, orange, yellow, and green colors and pink clay for the pinkish/salmon color. I really liked the clay colored salts, but after a bit of research I found people complaining that the clay leaves a hard to clean circle on your tub. Have any of you experienced this in your trials?
All my color trials

You can see that the FD&C dyes create a variation of colors in the salts based on the type of salt it is coloring. The sea salt crystals seem to be darker and the Epson salts color lighter.  I really like the color gradation that ends up in the final product.

Mixing up purple bath salts

The color differences are really evident in this picture.  I think they end up looking like gemstones.  So pretty!

Mixing up green bath salts
An assortment of colors
Orange, yellow, blue, and green


  1. That's really interesting...I had no idea you could color bath salts with clay! I love the different colors that result from the different salts too, very pretty!

  2. Thanks! I have not tested the clay one yet in the bath tub to see if it leaves a ring. If it doesn't, I think that clays would be a wonderful natural way to color the salts. And clays come in so many colors that you can have a good range.