Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas scented solid sugar scrubs

Solid sugar scrubs are all the rave right now. While I have made them in the past (see old post here), I thought I would try out some new molds I found at Marshall's.  These molds are larger than what I have used in the past and I did not cut them down into smaller pieces. When I go into the shower, I like to have a decent sized block of scrub that I can break a piece off of and then scrub away. These seem like the perfect size. They fit well in my hand and will last for quite a few showers. You can also find these molds at Amazon*.

Iced gingerbread, spiced orange, and sugared cranberries scented solid scrubs.

I followed the same recipe as in this post for the spiced orange and sugared cranberries solid scrubs, but I modified the recipe a bit for the iced gingerbread. I love to use some courser sugar in brown scrubs, so half of the sugar is demerara sugar and the other half is regular white sugar.

All nice and wrapped!

*This is an affiliate link and it costs you nothing extra. I do get a small payment if you purchase through this link.