Saturday, January 12, 2013

Coconut Lime Soap Cupcakes

My blog post yesterday I talked about how easy it was to pipe soap, well perhaps I spoke too soon. I made some coconut lime soap cupcakes the day after I made the chocolate raspberry cupcakes. The fragrance must have sped up the soap reaction because the soap got thick very fast. I was able to plop in the uncolored cake part of the soap and push it down to fill the cups. Then I had to add some green oxide to get the color for the frosting.  I barely whipped that color in, but by then it was so thick that I could hardly pipe it. I had to change the soap frosting into another bag and use a larger circular tip, but even then it took all my strength to get the soap out.  In the end, I think they look good, but boy was it a process! I pressed in some soap shavings to give the look of coconut and then topped that off with my favorite--glitter! I think they look a bit like Christmas trees, so maybe I should make them again for next Christmas and decorate them with little colored balls of soap to look like ornaments! 

Uncolored soap smooshed into the pan!

Trying to add my super thick soap into the piping bag

Final product

Final product with shredded soap to look like coconut

They almost look like Christmas trees!